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    650.8 Kb 16.10.2015 18:41 thz
    4.53 Mb 16.10.2015 18:44 checkmate
    5.33 Mb 16.10.2015 18:45 checkmate
Multi CardServer r76 *fixed freecccam sending 0 cards, at least it works now *fixed checkdcw to retreive cycles just after a single freeze *fully optimized cache hashtable (need memory ~ 80M) *optimized cacheex hashtable (even with optimizations, cacheex increases too much cpu usgae) *optimized ecm search - *fixed clients connexions. *mcs versions older than r67 cant connect via cache even using (csp=yes), we dont want to share WRONG CODES anymore. *fixed delayed send ecm (bug found from r70) *added smart csv parser to read different format of ip2country files, you can download newest free database (IPV4 CSV) from
    517.72 Kb 16.10.2015 18:45 umbra
Version 1.16 (2013-11-15) (celerity) + Core Support receivers based STiH237 (Cardiff) PTI5 * Core SH4 bug Unaligned userspace access * STAPI fix decoding PiP, if the same ECM PID + Core Support receivers PrismCube + Core Support DRE4/Exset * Core rewritten implementation of the queue reader is vastly improved performance * Reader corrected algorithm query latency ecm delay * Balancer same requests sent to the queue reader, in which the request is first received * Balancer corrected balancing algorithm takes into account only the number of unique requests in the queue reader + Reader added undecoded query cache + Filter added condition privdata (DVB private data) * Emucworks fixes in support of nano 8060 - Options ecm queue size, pending ecm cache size, emm process delay not used
    4.41 Mb 16.10.2015 18:45 umbra
Speicherplatz belegt: 15.42 Mb

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