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iptvplayer - whats new:-Fix -Fix -Remove at now they redirect to -Fix -Change source of TVP live streams (without geolocation?) in the TVP VOD host -Replace -Update IPTVPlayer.po -Add TVP SPORT category to the host TVP VOD -Fix Popular category in the host -Fix not translateable messages Delete old folder & uninstall any old versions , then do install new .ipk
    3.64 Mb 27.09.2016 17:47 Kevon
whats new: -> guide -> change UTC to local time add functionality to add whole series dir for favorities. -Fix listing episodes in the host - refactoring -> fix missing categories. - fix problem with covers -Revert IPTVVirtualKeyBoard With Captcha -Update Channel Names -Add custom VirtualKeyboard with captcha image. -Try to fix problem with number keyboard after captcha window -Fix for -Temporary fix for -Remove - service no works any more it was changed to forum
    3.62 Mb 29.09.2016 17:07 Kevon add missing VLC channels category -Fix last commit. -Replace -Replace IPTVPlayer.po (translation for new ext player options) -New exteplayer3 v29 with basic support for live MPEGTS streams. -Fix -Fix openload's link extractor. -Additional fix for -Fix some links extraction from -Fix application of the options "AC3 mix mode" and "ACC mix mode" -Add webstreams -Remove not used code 2. -Remove not used code
    3.53 Mb 04.10.2016 17:49 Kevon
whats new: - fix detection of item type (movie, tv show) this should fix extraction of links for many movies -Fix stream extractor from -Deploy new version of exteplayer3 with proper handle additional params from RTMP url when native rtmp protocol implementation is used. -Better proxy gateway for the host -Change poxy gateway for the host
    3.53 Mb 13.10.2016 18:11 Kevon
whats new: -Remove not working hosts II. -Remove not working hosts. -Fix title parsing for host -Fix links extractor -Fix links extractor -Fix OpenLoad links extractor -Fix search in the tvn player
    3.43 Mb 26.10.2016 12:59 Kevon
    3.51 Mb 26.11.2016 22:41 Reini
Add new host -Fix link extractor for -Fix series listing. -Fix links extraction from -tvp vod: fix listing videos in sport category -Fix watch seriest in proxy mode -Fix link extrator from -New host ARD Mediather -Update
    3.57 Mb 30.11.2016 18:41 Kevon
    3.54 Mb 23.12.2016 20:14 Reini
    3.57 Mb 09.01.2017 23:07 Reini
    3.51 Mb 16.02.2017 09:50 Reini
    3.51 Mb 19.02.2017 20:55 Reini
    3.54 Mb 24.02.2017 18:29 Reini
    3.52 Mb 08.03.2017 12:18 Reini
    3.52 Mb 20.03.2017 10:18 Reini
    3.52 Mb 24.03.2017 15:28 Reini
    3.62 Mb 01.04.2017 13:18 Reini
    3.63 Mb 03.04.2017 13:16 Reini
    3.63 Mb 04.04.2017 16:36 Reini
    3.24 Mb 09.04.2017 22:28 Reini
    3.67 Mb 10.04.2017 21:38 Reini
    3.67 Mb 15.04.2017 18:01 Reini
    3.32 Mb 21.04.2017 11:57 Reini
    3.75 Mb 23.04.2017 11:56 Reini
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